[TharnTypeStory] Chap.27 轉捩點

此為經原作者(twitter: @MAME12938)授權之中譯版本,請尊重並愛護原作及譯者,勿二傳二改,嚴禁商用!
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[TharnTypeStory] Chap.27 轉捩點 有 “ 8 則迴響 ”

  1. […] 11. Type actually lied face down on Tharn’s chest, who was checking his phone. Tharn let him stayed that way but didn’t say a word, nor did he look at Type, not until he heard Type said “I’m sorry".12. What Type said was, he noticed that Tharn started to put on condom every time they had sex after he knew Type was dating a girl (warm reminder, you should ALWAYS wear a condom when having sec, okay kids?), this made Type feel so hurt, for this indicated that Tharn was giving up on him and let him go mess around with anyone. 中文讀者請移步:27章 […]



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