[TharnTypeStory] Chap.24 火苗將滅

此為經原作者(twitter: @MAME12938)授權之中譯版本,請尊重並愛護原作及譯者,勿二傳二改,嚴禁商用!
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[TharnTypeStory] Chap.24 火苗將滅 有 “ 6 則迴響 ”

  1. […] 22. This part followed almost the whole chap.24, so not much to add, only that Type felt a bit guilty when chatting with Buifaai. First of all, it’s always delightful when someone shows affections towards yourself, and Type for one was still struggling about his sexual orientations. Therefore, even though he felt guilty, he persuaded himself (sort of) that it didn’t concern Tharn whoever he himself wanted to date with.中文讀者請移步:24章 […]



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